At the start of every year, we find ourselves contemplating a new year’s resolution. Typically, there are multiple reasons behind the resolution we choose. For example, if someone’s resolution is to exercise more, it could be because they want to feel better, look better, and live a healthier lifestyle. Whether the resolution is founded in your personal life, professional life, or a combination of the two, the reasons behind the resolution push us to be a better version of ourselves. 

Since we rang in not just a new year but a new decade, here are 10 reasons to start using a professional cleaning service for your facility:

1. Productivity

The cleanliness of a working environment can affect employee satisfaction. A neat and organized workplace helps strengthen company culture and instills a sense of pride in the job. It also encourages employees to pitch in and keep their space clean and tidy.

2. Appearance

How an organization is viewed relies heavily on how it is maintained. Consider something as simple as getting gas; some gas stations are noticeably dirty, while others strive for cleanliness. The way a facility presents itself speaks to the character of the people operating it. 

3. Specialized Equipment & Products

Cleaning (well) is like an art form; it requires special supplies, tools, and experience. Floorcare services like carpet cleaning, strip and wax, or dry and spray buffing require industry specialists with their own equipment to get exceptional results.

4. Flexibility

A cleaning service works around your organization’s schedule. If someone is busy completing a task at work, it can be disruptive having your personal space invaded by in-house cleaners. Ever tried having a phone call while the vacuum is running? It doesn’t work too well. A cleaning service can do their job at the most opportune time for the organization.

5. Health

The cleaner a facility is, the less likelihood there is for sickness. The spread of germs, especially during flu season, can wreak havoc on an organization. The diligence a cleaning service provides helps mitigate the chances of employees calling out sick. 

6. Certified Staff

Proper cleaning requires extensive training. Tasks like deep cleaning carpets and window washing, especially when dealing with larger facilities, are best left to the pros. There are methods and best practices that need to be taught and special equipment used to ensure the job is done correctly. 

7. Less Liability

Manual work requiring specialized equipment means accountability. Working with a certified staff eases the burden for an organization that would otherwise need to train and manage staff. Plus not having to stock various cleaning items and equipment frees up storage space for other uses.

8. Eco-friendly

It’s important that the processes used during cleaning adhere to certain guidelines. Pinnacle proudly uses eco-friendly methods that are effective, safe, and responsible.  

9. Trustworthy & Reliable

We recognize the concerns some organizations have with giving a cleaning crew access to their facility. That’s why we perform State and Federal background checks on all employees and strictly adhere to the customers’ policies and rules. 

10. Quality 

The more square footage a facility has, the more reason to use a professional cleaning service. Every inch of an organization has some need for cleaning either on a regular basis or a scheduled one. Janitorial services, floor care, and window cleaning require a proficient team that can get the job done on time and on budget. 

The reasons to better ourselves, our environment, and the places we work and occupy don’t have to be goals we achieve alone. With the help of a cleaning service, we can live healthier and more productive lives and leave the frustration and worry of cleaning to the professionals.