The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has impacted our lives. As more and more cases become known and the spread continues, it is essential to understand how to keep your facility as clean as possible to avoid the potential transmission of illness. There are recommendations from the CDC on ways to prevent contracting the virus, which we recommend reviewing. Many are standard practices of which we are very familiar, especially during flu season, which is still going on.

Here are some ways to limit the transmission of the Coronavirus in your facility if you are a necessary business (staying open).

Keeping Hands Clean

Making a concerted effort to keep your hands clean and free from germs is likely the best defense from contracting or transmitting the virus. Keep alcohol-based hand sanitizer and/or antibacterial wipes at entrances and exits, counters, locations where foot traffic is heavy, and outside bathrooms. Use a bright smile and a wave instead of the normal handshake to say hello and goodbye. And if you need to cough, do so with your arm covering your mouth. 

Posting Reminders

Place a friendly reminder in bathrooms and at break room sinks to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. A good trick is to sing the Happy Birthday song in your head twice (not out loud unless it happens to be your special day). Print out and post friendly reminders not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth as those are easy entrance points for germs. 

Make sure employees wear gloves if they are interacting with the public, handing out food, or supplies, for example.

Keeping Surfaces Clean

Have antibacterial wipes readily available in multiple locations to wipe down surfaces. Set a schedule to clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are regularly touched. For instance, wipe down doorknobs, handles, faucets, and other surfaces that are being touched continuously by employees or visitors. 

Continuous Cleaning

Depending on who your organization serves or what service you provide, increasing the cleaning schedule may make sense. Using an experienced janitorial service with certified staff can fill in any gaps you might have. If you’ve already contracted with one, consider increasing the service level for now. They will make sure to use the right kinds of cleaners and cleaning agents for the various surfaces and disinfecting. Proudly display to visitors, patients, or customers that your organization is taking the threat of Coronavirus seriously.    

It’s imperative to make it known to employees and visitors the measures you are taking if you are one of the businesses that is allowed to maintain regular hours. As it’s unclear when or how the virus will subside or when a vaccine could be ready, it’s best to be prepared for any outcome. The first line of defense is cleanliness and good hygiene practices to make sure you and the ones around you have a minimal chance of contracting the Coronavirus.