Appearance matters for all businesses. The cleanliness of a facility sends a message to both prospective and current customers about how well things are run. A bank’s image and the environment in which it conducts business need to reinforce its people’s character and the quality of its services. The last thing any bank wants is for its customers’ confidence to waver due to a lack of upkeep and maintenance.  

For a complete clean that will attract potential customers and keep returning ones, a bank needs a commercial cleaning service with an experienced staff. Here are some tips on why a professional cleaning team can make a difference for a bank.

Keeping windows transparent

The outside appearance of doors and ground floor windows is how a bank greets the outside world. Banks typically have a lot of glass and clear surfaces that require cleaning; windows, drive-up teller stations, lobby and teller partitions, doors, and more. What would a customer think if they pulled up to the drive-through teller and saw filmy streaks down the side of a window or handprints all over the partition at the teller counter? Those barriers are breathed on, leaned on, touched, and even sneezed on! When reviewing commercial cleaning options in your region, find a service equipped to handle window cleaning up to two stories tall and (that can) accommodate all interior window cleaning (and disinfecting where needed) throughout the entire facility. 

Protecting floors

Once inside, nothing stands out more than a dirty floor. Banks have a lot of foot traction all year long and in all sorts of weather conditions. Floors in the lobby are especially hard hit. Regardless of the type of flooring, working with a commercial cleaner that can thoroughly clean but not scratch or damage the flooring is essential. Locating the services that match your various flooring types is essential too. Most buildings will need some combination of stripping and waxing, vacuuming and shampooing carpets, dry and wet mopping of hard floors, and spray buffing. A commercial cleaning service will have the specialized equipment that keeps floors looking new long after being laid. 

Making customers and staff confident

In a setting where employees are continually engaging with the public, cleanliness is vital. Lobbies with waiting areas and shared countertops need extra attention, especially now. Properly disinfecting heavily touched surfaces will help reduce sickness among bank employees and instill confidence in customers. 

Beyond the lobby, there are private offices, conference rooms, break rooms, and restrooms. That accounts for many individual garbage cans, additional surfaces, windows, floors, and more. The more square footage a facility has, the more reason to have a professional cleaning team maintaining it. Ensuring every surface is dusted and disinfected, that bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, and that all waste is disposed of responsibly should all be included as part of a janitorial services package.

The level of professionalism a commercial cleaner demonstrates reflects on the bank. Find one that understands the sensitive nature of working in a bank after hours. The cleaning crew needs to recognize the business’s highly confidential nature and follow the precautions precisely as outlined by the bank.

A bank holds a certain prominent place in communities, especially in smaller cities and towns. If the bank can’t correctly manage its facility, customers will likely go elsewhere. A bank needs to operate in an environment that instills trust and preserves its reputation. The quality a commercial cleaning service delivers helps meet customer expectations and guarantees returning customers.