We’ve all had a bad experience at some business due to lack of maintenance; a weird smell, dirty floors, filthy windows, etc. Those aren’t the places we tend to revisit or provide repeat business for. Customers, and employees, have expectations of what a working environment should look, smell, and feel like, even before walking through the doors. Regardless of the type of business you operate, keeping it clean and well maintained helps to keep employees working hard, and customers coming back. 

But there are multiple ways a commercial cleaning service can affect your bottom line and deliver a positive ROI for your business. Here are a few to consider.


Having staff focused on high value tasks versus trying to remember to clean this-or-that keeps an office running more efficiently. No one should expect an AP clerk to be vacuuming and wiping down windows at the end of the day. Plus, a thorough cleaning can help decrease the spread of germs, thereby decreasing the amount of sick days employees take during the year. If every employee took just one or two less sick days a year, that’s a huge productivity boost!  

Customer satisfaction

Professionalism begins even before the first handshake (or nowadays, elbow bump). The curb appeal and overall aesthetic can make customers feel comfortable and confident working with you. Since Covid-19, customers also need to know that the businesses they visit are taking cleanliness very seriously. If customers don’t feel safe, they will take their business elsewhere. Commercial cleaners can focus attention on disinfecting those high-touch areas that protect not only customers, but also staff. 


There’s much more that goes into janitorial services, floorcare, and window cleaning than just a mop and a sponge. Floors take an especially hard beating during the colder months when snow, ice, and salt are tracked in by boots. Modern cleaning equipment and techniques can provide a deep, low-impact cleaning on different flooring surfaces without doing harm. Using a professional cleaning crew can also help extend the life of furniture, fixtures, and windows by keeping them looking spotless and noticing potential issues like cracks or moisture buildup before they turn into costly problems. 

Commercial cleaners are also trained to prevent damage, too. In the off chance something did accidentally break they will have insurance to cover the loss, which limits the liability for the business. 

Fixed Costs

Buying and storing cleaning supplies and equipment shouldn’t be on an owner or manager’s to-do list. That can lead to unforeseen costs and frustrating guesswork. Outside experts are hired for accounting, legal advice, and IT services – why should cleaning services be any different? Hiring a certified cleaning staff helps you accurately forecast costs and have the peace of mind that things are being done correctly and within budget. 

A significant amount of initial and repeat business stems from first impressions. Commercial cleaning is not just about the service provided or the quality of work, but also about the ROI it can have for the business. Don’t view a cleaning service as a necessary expense, but rather a way to ensure returning customers, productive employees, and a way to extend the lifespan of furniture and heavily trafficked areas.