If your office or organization has heavy foot traffic coming through the door each day, keeping things clean and well maintained is likely a top priority. Trusting a cleaning service to do a great job and be reliable day in, day out may not be easy, but is necessary. So with multiple options to choose from, how do you find the cleaning service that is the right fit for your business? 

Here is what to look for, and expect, from the commercial cleaning service you choose:


Look for a company that has a well-trained staff and a solid track record. Their team should understand the privacy needs of its customers. Make sure and ask for customer testimonials or references from those that have similar cleaning needs.


Cleaning companies are not always known for their professionalism. Working with a cleaning company that is a cultural fit helps ensure that any client interactions will be pleasant ones. That’s why Pinnacle takes its customer service and internal culture just as seriously as their cleaning service.

Cleaning Options

Nearly everything in a facility requires some level of cleaning. A company needs knowledgeable staff, proper tools, and equipment to handle various jobs, both large and small. Pinnacle offers a full line of janitorial services, floor care services, and window cleaning, so every inch of a customer’s facility shines.


An excellent cleaning service with a proven track record won’t matter much if they’re out of your price range. Knowing what services your organization requires and what your budget is will help shorten the search time. Pinnacle offers set cleaning packages, but can also customize packages to best suit the customer’s needs. Contact us for a Free Estimate to learn more. 

Attention to Detail

Dirt, dust, and grime can accumulate anywhere. Those hard to reach corners require a dedicated staff not afraid to get down on their hands and knees and make sure they are meeting client expectations. Be clear on what is included in the cleaning package you choose so that you understand what is covered and what is not.


Having a consistently clean facility requires consistent cleaning. The company you choose should be available by phone or email and always respond promptly. When issues or accidents happen, the Pinnacle team moves quickly and delivers professional results.

The Environment

A green clean is a smart clean. Every cleaning service should be using safe, less hazardous biodegradable products and responsibly disposing of any waste. From our start, the Pinnacle Promise has been to use eco-friendly products and respect our environmental footprint.   There are many things to take into consideration before selecting the right cleaning service. An experienced staff, trustworthy management, and a drive to deliver top-notch customer service should be at the forefront of the selection. Pinnacle’s certified staff have been cleaning facilities diligently, daily, and with dignity for many years. We’ll be there when you need us and will make sure your organization has the clean it deserves.