In our last blog post, we reviewed steps employers need to take to reopen their businesses safely. But the responsibility isn’t just on employers or the professional cleaning service that helps maintain the facility. Keeping the spread of disease in check requires a team effort. Employees with cubicles and other personal workspaces need to pitch in and keep their areas clean, decluttered, and abide by safety guidelines. 

What Needs Cleaning

It’s essential to focus on the most heavily touched surfaces within your workspace. That includes computer keyboard and mouse, telephone, cell phone, drawer pulls, light switches, doorknobs, and desk. For certain electronics, such as a cell phone, consider adding a wipeable cover that will make cleaning easier and also add a layer of protection from cleaning agents. If other employees or customers are coming in and out of your work area with some regularity, take note of things touched or borrowed. Shared office items like a stapler or pair of scissors, for example, should also be cleaned and disinfected. 

What You’ll Need

Don’t leave the cleaning to chance. Add it into your calendar to clean your workspace at least twice per week. Make it a part of your regular weekly schedule for the foreseeable future and treat it with the same importance as you would a meeting. You may want to wear gloves and a face mask depending on your sensitivity to certain cleaners. Several cleaning solutions will do the job. Start with plain soap and water on hard surfaces like a desk or an armchair, then use a disinfectant to kill germs. For electronics, follow the manufacturer cleaning guidelines, but any spray containing 70% alcohol or higher will work as well as alcohol-based cleaning pads. If available, keep hand sanitizer by the entrance of your workspace for both you and visitors.

Personal Responsibility

Now is the time when we all need to be practicing proper etiquette. Make sure you are coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your upper sleeve. Remain vigilant when it comes to hand washing. Keep papers, folders, and other desk items organized or put away so that a professional cleaning service can disinfect a clutter-free area. If you eat at your desk, which many of us do, try and do it away from those regularly touched surfaces noted above and promptly clean up when finished. Also, bringing your utensils and napkins, versus using what’s available in a shared breakroom, can help stop the spread of germs.

Although every state has reopened either partially or entirely, we still need to be diligent in stopping the spread of Coronavirus and keep everyone safe. There have already been spikes in some places that have not been following proper guidelines, and that is the last thing we want, just as we begin to regain some form of normalcy in our everyday lives.