Leadership comes naturally for some, but even the best leaders need to use their minds to purposely and passionately stay effective. As a cleaning organization, we focus on leading with action and purpose, and we encourage the same in our clients.

Leading with action is described as a routine activity backed by strategy.

That’s an important distinction. There are some activities, like pouring our morning coffee, that are routine; there is no real thinking behind them. So what then are examples of leadership action?

Leadership action may situationally increase when you see a need for improvement or clarity. That increase in response happens with a purpose.

Examples might include:

  • – Changing the way you answer the phone as an organization or how you greet people when they enter your building to reflect your culture of service better.
  • – Creating an employee of the month sign that is displayed in your building and on social media.
  • – Using Team pitches. Allowing employees to pitch an idea to your company leadership team once per month.

These types of purposeful activities usually provide immediate impact.

We often get to experience cleaning for new clients as a leadership action. When companies are making significant changes, they want their environment to reflect those changes. Lucky for us.

Whether you are just beginning to map out your 2020 strategy, are needing some significant changes right now, or are merely wanting to refocus your efforts as a leader, take time to write down some purposeful leadership actions today. There’s no better time than the present. Get out your pen and paper.

Think outside the box.
Don’t set limitations on yourself.
What would you change in your company if the sky was the limit?
What actions would you take?
Invest the time to explore your list.
Choose up to three to share with your team and challenge them to help you implement them.

Switching back to action can get you back in the game as a leader.

“May he give you the desire of your heart
and make all your plans succeed.” Psalm 20:4