“Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a dreaded list of chores. It can be a rewarding experience that helps provide some structure and organization in your life.” 

– Peter Walsh

When winter is over, it’s a time of renewal. We feel it as people – a time to refresh ourselves and our homes, and it’s no different at the office. 

Many of us do a deeper cleaning in our homes, and our commercial properties should be no different. Your commercial cleaner should provide a spring cleaning service or a deep cleaning package, or you may choose to do it yourself. 

Spring cleaning a commercial property typically includes:

  1. Windows. 
  2. Floors and Baseboards
  3. Restroom walls, vents, and fans
  4. Detailing for every room

Windows are always the first thing people consider in the spring. For one thing- they let in the light we’ve missed all winter. As a commercial cleaning company, we, of course, recommend that you professionally clean both the interior and the exterior of your windows. If you are in an environment that allows for open windows, you will want to pay special attention to the screens and the base of the windows. Debris often collects inside the window tracks and can make the office appear unclean. Pinnacle is equipped to handle most window cleaning projects up to two stories and unlimited stories for interior window cleaning!

Floors and Baseboards take a brutal hit in the winter. Debris tends to pile up on your carpets and floors from months of tracking in snow, salt, and dirt, even with diligent employees. Typical weekly cleaning often does not remove the build-up. Carpet cleaning, strip and wax, and dry and spray buffing services are standard parts of spring cleaning requests. Just like tracks in windows, if you neglect your baseboards, you can lose the full effect of clean floors. 

While most organizations prioritize cleaning restrooms, spring is an excellent time to complete a full scrub down. Walls, ceilings, fans, overhead fixtures, sprinklers, and vents tend to be areas where dirt and germs congregate. It’s often surprising for folks to notice the difference after a detailed bathroom clean. Nothing says that you care more than a sparkling clean bathroom. Can we say refresh?

The proof is in the details, as they say. As a commercial cleaning company, we recommend our customers focus on the small spaces, the overlooked areas, and the overhead fixtures at least a few times per year, if not quarterly. Spring is one of the most popular times to do it. Healthy air quality depends on companies taking the time to search out and remove dirt and dust. Start in the spring and set a schedule for your deep cleaning routine each quarter or semi-annually. 

You can be diligent about Spring Cleaning every year, but if you don’t have a reliable company to keep up with the weekly cleaning, that fresh, clean feeling won’t last long. There’s nothing like a fresh start to get you and your employees motivated, and we help you keep that sense of pride weekly with our commercial cleaning services.

We would love to earn your business. Hire us for your spring cleaning needs, and find out why so many businesses choose Pinnacle