Floors are a significant trouble area in most office settings. There’s a good reason why so many people ask their family and friends to take their shoes off before entering their home. Floors have to fight off dirt, water, sand, salt, gum, and anything else that happens to be on the bottom of shoes throughout the year. Maintaining and cleaning floors requires specialized services provided by a commercial cleaner to ensure they are shiny, clean, and safe for visitors.  

The condition and quality of your floors reflect the quality of your business. Like the cleanliness of restrooms and the transparency of windows, new and existing customers will judge a company on its appearance. Employees too will expect their work area to be clean and sanitary, which often starts from the ground up.

If you’ve ever scrubbed and mopped vinyl floors to remove an existing stain or smudge, you might have found how futile it can be. The reason is that floors occasionally need to have the top layer of the floor removed – stripped – and then refinished with a new layer – waxed. The wax forms a protective barrier between the floor and the everyday traffic moving through the building. The difference will be dramatic and well worth it.

Properly stripping floors should altogether remove old wax, soil, and debris. It is a labor-intensive job that requires training. Flooring type, equipment, chemicals used, and timing all factor into the job. For instance, the type of chemicals and equipment used for a VCT floor may not be appropriate for a stone floor. Do not approach floor care with a DIY mindset. Without the right tools and skillset, floors can easily be ruined and cost thousands to replace. An experienced commercial cleaning service staff understands the safety protocols that need to be adhered to, the importance of cleanliness for the materials used, the time it takes, and the proper dilution of chemicals.

Modern cleaning equipment and techniques provide deep, low-impact cleaning on different flooring surfaces without harm. Once floors have been stripped and waxed, the new protective barrier protects from scratches, water damage, and staining. High-traffic areas are especially prone to some of these issues, so service them multiple times per year. With regular upkeep, your floors can remain in pristine condition for many years. It’s also good to combine a strip and wax with periodic dry and spray buffing to make your floors shine.

The top layer of a floor takes a beating throughout the year. Maintaining floors properly can extend the floor’s life, prevent damage, minimize wear and tear, and save thousands in replacement costs. Use a commercial cleaning service that understands how to treat multiple flooring types and the specialized strip and wax process to ensure your business is making both customers and employees feel at home.