As 2019 draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect on ways to improve your facility or office. The new year is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. An ideal way to separate the year past from the year forward is a comprehensive cleaning that gives employees a “clean” break from the holiday season and end-of-year activities.

Before the holiday hangover sets in, consider these three reasons why facility after facility places its trust in certified cleaning services:

Peace of Mind

Employees take more pride in a workplace (and in their work) that takes the cleanliness of the environment seriously. This fact is especially true during the winter months when germs seem to circulate faster than any other time. A certified cleaning service that takes an environmentally-conscious approach provides better air quality and leads to happier and healthier employees. Keeping the office staff healthy ensures they’re humming along at their desks instead of at home in bed.


If you think the cost of using a cleaning service is outside your budget, think again. When you factor in employee satisfaction of having a clean working environment, reduction in sick days, and the positive image it reflects to visitors, the benefits are clear. Commercial cleaners have their own equipment and products that in-house cleaners have difficulty storing and maintaining. A service-oriented team that can clean when it’s most convenient for the office eliminates the liability and uncertainty of having an in-house staff. Facilities using professional janitorial services are seeing better outcomes and long-term savings. 

A Better Clean

Just about everything collects dust and dirt; fans, curtains, lampshades, and all those hard to reach places that can be left unsaid. Stains and smudges on floors or windows stand out to visitors and customers. A professional cleaning staff that offers floor care services and window cleaning can help define the quality of an organization. Sure, those high-traffic areas around the office need extra tending to, but those forgotten places that rarely see any attention are where janitorial cleaning services SHINE.
Start 2020 with the clean slate your organization and your employees deserve. A cleaning service can provide measurable results and a healthier environment that promotes well-being for everyone in the facility. Contact Pinnacle to discuss your cleaning needs.