Ah, summer. Regardless of your age or station in life, summer always holds the promise for fun, relaxation, and even adventure. We look forward to it during the colder months, making plans with heightened anticipation, then relishing the time when it finally arrives. Now, maybe more so than any time in recent memory, it’s become necessary to make the time for a vacation.

It’s crucial to view a vacation as something invaluable to your well-being and something that will reap benefits in your professional life. Some people have begun to think of working long hours and not taking vacations as a badge of honor – it’s not. Working too long without a break can cause tunnel vision, which can stifle creativity and productivity. It can also lead to poor decision-making and a broken pattern of sleep. No one should ever feel guilty about taking time off when it’s needed. Taking the time to step away, recharge, and have new experiences will provide fresh outlooks and new ideas, which can be helpful for your profession.

With technology providing an easy way to always be connected, people need to find a way to separate themselves from that “always-on” mindset. The benefits of modern technology are great, but they can also cause stress and anxiety. It’s crucial to find a balance in life, and a vacation plays a vital role in that. It provides a way to deflate the everyday pressures, not just from work, but from all the responsibilities that go into running a household and external factors, such as Covid, that apply pressure additional to them. Nowadays, there is always something commanding our attention – sometimes self-inflicted (like constantly checking our phones), and sometimes it’s demands placed on us from a job, family, or friends. Your mind and body can become out of sync and need a reset to become realigned.

This particular summer has seen many active vacationers, no doubt from the pent-up demand Covid has caused. Although many people feel the need to travel for vacation, the stay-cation has become very popular, even more so due to Covid. Sometimes getting all the little things done around your home or tackling a project to improve your home can be very fulfilling and rewarding. It’s easy to get caught up in daily life and never truly explore the surroundings you’re in every day. Regardless of your chosen destination or lack thereof, the essential part is to remove yourself from job-related activities, especially ones with the potential to be stress-inducing.

One positive aspect of Covid is that it brought many families closer together. And the simple underlying fact which made that possible was time spent together. Family vacation offers an opportunity to further those bonds. We all become just a little different when we’re on vacation – we’re more positive, energetic, happier. Being fully present on your vacation and creating memories elevates our mood.

So no matter what your plans are this summer, make sure you take time for yourself. Remember the 3 R’s: rejuvenate, relax, and recharge. Your body, mind, family, and employer/employees will thank you for it.