Cleaning is often the last thing a business thinks about as it’s ramping up and growing. I get it. In the day to day operations, making sure you have the best commercial cleaning or janitorial services may not be high up on the priority list. Yet none of us can deny that a clean office can be equivalent to a restart.

In Good To Great, by Jim Collins, the idea of a culture of discipline is carried throughout each chapter. That culture is outlined in a variety of ways…consistent systems, freedom combined with responsibility, disciplined thought, and disciplined action.

Based on that I surmise that if you are on your way to building a great company, cleaning is more than it seems. 

A paper called “Environmental Disorder Leads to Self-Regulatory Failure,” was written by a pair of researchers from UBC and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. This paper seems to have found that.

“Being surrounded by chaos ultimately impairs the ability to perform tasks requiring ‘brain’ power. Study participants who sat at a desk piled with papers, for instance, reported feeling more frustrated and fatigued and took 10% longer to perform a simple cognitive matching test.”

If you are looking to create a culture of disciplined thinking, you don’t want to impair anyone’s brain power. While it’s true that creative extroverts tend to work day to day in a messy environment, even they will admit that when the workload gets crazy, the mess makes them more stressed. The truth is that the cleaning is not their strength. It doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the benefits.

Amping up your cleaning is also related to the following bullets which I will expound on in future blogs:

–    How people view you does not always match reality. So, you may be a creative extrovert (therefore the messy desk), but your potential client thinks disorganized and lazy.

–    A clean office can be part of a sustainable transformation for a company becoming “great.”

–    A clean office can mean less wasted energy. (Think about time trying to find things and loss of focus.)

–    Decreasing visual disorder decreases our stress.

So, while you may not be losing sleep over which commercial cleaning business to partner with, you may be losing sleep over taking your business from good to great. Environment changes can often lead the charge.