“One of the advantages of being disorganized is the joy of discovery.”

–    A. A. Milne

We love this quote by A.A. Milne. A.A. wrote the Winnie The Pooh poems filled with some of our favorite characters all joyfully used to represent our various personalities. Personality is definitely vital when we talk about the “clean and organized scale.” This statement by A. A Milne seems to sum up exactly why many people love to clean out closets or drawers –they rediscover favorite shirts or meaningful tokens that can once again enhance their lives. But, while these discoveries are enjoyable, it may not be enough to get us started. “Some people need to be in the right frame of mind to start a project, while others can “Just Do It.” If you are easily distracted, count on being even more distracted, especially if the project is that dreaded ORGANIZING.” [1]

Further making this a thought-provoking topic is that how people view you does not always match realitywhen measuring you by your organization skills. As we stated in our last blog, while on the personality spectrum, you may be a creative extrovert (and thrive working in a messy environment), a potential client may think disorganized and lazy. Likewise, the extremely organized neat-freak may have a love of adventure, but be perceived as not being able to think outside the box by creatives. 

The question becomes, how do you maximize personality but meet the world in a place where they can see and benefit from the best of you?

We believe the answer lies in making space for organization on your calendar.

According to an article by King Business Interiors, “One survey revealed that 90% of Americans believe that clutter harms their lives and work, and 77% believe that clutter actually hinders their efficiency.”

So let’s start with a simple list of ideas that might motivate all personalities to organize.

1.    Measure your organization on a scale of 1-5. 1 means you are extremely organized and 5 means – well, your Mom probably closed your bedroom door at home. Knowing where you stand is powerful. If you are measuring in at a 5, you are more likely to need an organization partner or tools to help you get the project done. 1’s, you’ll probably just love the idea of having organization time on your calendar.

2.    Look through the eyes of your audience. Think about who you need to interact with each day. Then walk into your office, room, kitchen through their eyes. This is where we begin to understand their perception and let go of judgment. There is no right or wrong, there are just Poohs, Eyeores, Tigers, and Piglets. But meeting in the middle leads to an unlimited amount of success when working together. This happens both in the workplace and at home.

3.    Set time for this every single day. This is an ongoing activity that might be as basic as…make your bed, throw out trash in your office, straighten up piles, set your keys on your key stand. These types of daily activities CAN become a habit even for the 5’s in the crowd.

4.    Make deeper organization a weekly task. This includes creating a list of closets, drawers, or rooms that need organized. Physically post these activities by nameon your calendar each week. Studies show that tackling a task by name leads to a higher rate of completion. This is also where a “lifestyle partner” can help. Tell that person what you are doing and when and promise to send before and after pics. None of us like to be a person who doesn’t complete a promise.

5.    Get help for the big jobs. If you have an overwhelming situation that needs organization, ask for help. If you don’t want to pay for it – ask a “1” friend, and take them to dinner or lunch. Often organized people actually love to help others get organized. You may, for a while, need to have them come back for a repeat appointment. If you can do this for 3 months, you have a better chance of keeping it organized.

6.    Be clean in general. As a commercial cleaner, this is where I get to tout our services. It’s easier to be organized in a clean office space. A space that is rarely cleaned creates an environment of clutter. One tends to lead to the other. If your office is disorganized an excellent way to “kick off,” your organization is with a good cleaning. While we aren’t selling organizational services, we do know most people will clean up when they know we are coming.

We hope you’re ready to look at reality, change outside perceptions, but still maintain the awesomeness of who you are in your space(s). Let’s get organizing!!!