As Covid-19 cases continue to rise across the country the services provided by commercial cleaners have become more essential than ever. By every measure we are reaching unfortunate new heights of positive cases every day. The job performance and the level of service provided by your local commercial cleaner has a direct impact on the health of the community, customers, and the ability of businesses to operate safely. 

The main differentiator for any service-based business is the level of customer service they provide. At the core of that service is always the people behind it. The culture of the commercial cleaning service you work with will show in the pride each employee takes to deliver exceptional results. When a company isn’t treating their employees fairly, it shows. Choosing to work with a staff of professionals that are well trained, well supported, and genuinely appreciated by their employer translates into exceptional customer service for their customers. 

“It’s challenging entrusting your entire building over to a stranger so quickly, but Lena knew what she was doing, delivered results, and is always such a pleasure to be around.”

Each business, facility, and customer has some unique need. Carefully listening to customers and finding out what they think makes a building clean and well-maintained should always be the first step in defining the cleaning process. Offering the flexibility to meet a customer’s scheduling guidelines and remembering the sensitive nature of being allowed unsupervised in a professional space is also important. Understanding each customer’s specific requirements and carrying them out efficiently, is the only way to consistently meet expectations. 

“Jim came into a new space, listened to our needs and offered time-sensitive suggestions during our time of need.”

Growing the professional relationship relies on keeping the lines of communication open so that any concerns or issues are identified early and resolved promptly. Customer’s must know that their best interests are always front and center, especially when the level of cleaning can mean the difference between wellness, or sickness. It’s important to remain proactive to ensure that every customer is receiving the level of service they expect, and that was agreed upon.

“Jim checks in frequently to make sure there are no issues, and we can tell that the cleaning team takes pride in their work.”

Having a genuine concern for the customers’ well being, the success of their business, and health of their staff is essential in times like these. Nothing can be perfect 100% of the time, but  being accessible for clients at all times either by phone or by email and responding quickly makes a big difference when the term “emergency” carries a lot of weight.

Staying in regular touch with customers and finding out if there are any changes or updates to know about lets them know their value is always on your mind; if there is an upcoming visit from an important client that needs to be prepared for, a new schedule needs to accommodate employee shift changes, or areas of the business are being more heavily utilized and need to be serviced more often. Staying proactive breeds confidence in the company and makes the working relationship a lasting one. 

“We have nothing but high praise for the cleaning staff. They are professional, trustworthy, timely, and thorough. They respond promptly to any questions or concerns we have, and are always willing to be flexible with their schedules in the event of a customer visit or special event.”

Spending the extra time getting to know customers and tailoring the cleaning services to suit their needs ultimately makes the difference. Really listening to customers, providing quality work, and always seeking ways to improve are the hallmarks of good customer service. Regardless of the size or scope of the customer each one deserves the respect, hard work, and focus of a dedicated staff that recognizes the importance a thorough cleaning provides during this uncertain time.